Wednesday, June 11, 2014

End of Year Reflections

So I still have 8 days left with kids, 2 of those days are field trips, one day is our awards assembly, and one is our electronics day/ end of year party.  I think I can... I think I can... I think I can...

As we wrap up the school year, I had my kids take some time to reflect on their experiences in 4th grade math.  As a teacher, reflecting is very important to me.  I guess my college teacher prep program ingrained that in me, having me write reflections everyday during my internship. I created a little survey for my students to complete on Google Forms (which I love).  These were the questions I asked.

1.Why do you think you need to learn math?
2.What is one thing you do on a regular basis that requires math?
3.What is one thing you really like about math?
4.What is one thing you really dislike about math?
5.What is the best way you learn math?
6. Think of one positive experience that you have had in math class this year.
7.Think of one negative experience that you have had in math class this year.
8.What did you learn to do better in math this year?
9.What was your favorite project we did this year?
10.What was your least favorite project we did this year?
11.Please share any other comments or suggestions for me for next year. 

I told them to be completely honest and that they wouldn't hurt my feelings.   I got some very interesting feedback to say the least!

My favorite thing about these reflections were that half of my students said to do less projects, and the other half said to do more!  In one of my classes most of the "negative experience" answers were about getting white slips (our discipline procedure) for the first time.  I really enjoyed reading what they had to say about our class, both positive and negative things!

What kind of reflections do your students do at the end of the year?

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