Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Science with Candy: Skittles Experiment

I'm absolutely loving this Intro to Science unit from Melissa over at More Time 2 Teach!

In Arkansas 20% of your science instruction is supposed to be hands on, otherwise known as experiments.  Yesterday and today my kiddos completed the Skittles Experiment from the Unit above.  The problem/question for the experiment is "In which liquid does the candy coating dissolve the fastest - soda, cold water, or hot water?" The kids hypothesized which liquid they thought would dissolve the candy coating the fastest, and then the experiment commenced!  

{Insert overload of pictures}

So with my first class yesterday to save time, we did all three cups at the same time.  I also forgot to have them measure the temperature of the water (oops!).  We used an online stopwatch on the smartboard because I didn't have enough stop watches for each group.

With my other class I actually followed all of the steps because we had more time today.  We actually measured the water temperature in each cup and timed them one at a time.  I think this way was quite a bit more accurate.  They were only watching one Skittle at a time instead of observing all the 3 at once.

Here are some close-ups of the what the Skittles looked like during the experiment.

You can see the S floating in this one!  So cool!

 When they finished with the experiment, I let them eat the candy if they divided the extra Skittles even among their group and gave the remainders to me!!!! Math during science!  Who would have guessed???
My kids LOVED this experiment and they were totally engaged the entire time!  After the experiment, they blogged about it explaining the procedures and results!  I'm excited to read what they wrote!

What science experiments do you do in your class?

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  1. My kids would love to do this experiment. Your pictures are so crystal clear! I love that you were able to take your experience from yesterday and make changes for today to make things easier on yourself and the students. I'm totally cracking up about you having them give the extras to you. That sounds like something I would do!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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