Friday, September 6, 2013

Five for Friday

How is it that short weeks alway wear me out the most???!!!!  I'm so happy that it's Friday and it's time for ...

We had a very busy week, but it was a really good one!

 We took advantage of the Labor Day Weekend sales and we bought a new sectional!!!!  The current sofa set we have is looking a little rough and we needed an upgrade.  We were going to buy a custom sectional, but the sample one in the store went on sale and we were able to get a 4 piece sectional for what we were going to pay for a 3 piece custom sofa.  We got a great deal and our sales tax paid for!  It will be here at the end of the month, just in time for all the guests we will be having around the holidays! Here it is in the store.

 I said in my Peek at My Week post, that I was going to be tackling subtraction this week in math.  Well I did my introduction lesson on Tuesday and my kids were bored!  I went home upset and decided I needed to find something different that would help my kids practice subtraction, but that would be fun and exciting!  I found this wonderful project from Teaching with a Mountain View.

This is a great project that is real world and has the students practicing addition and subtraction!  My kids have loved working on this project this week.  They have been so engaged and love coming to class.  I've also added a writing component to the project and my students are having to write journal entries telling what they did during their vacation.  A little creative writing in math never hurt anyone! :) I also have a personal connection to this project because I spent 6 weeks in Ireland and Northern Ireland in college as part of a study abroad program.  I've been able to share my pictures and experiences with my students and it's been a great way to share part of me with my students!

 I finally got my laptops out this week!  It was exciting and frustrating all at the same time!  All we did was log in and I ended up have several issues with kids being locked out and/or having the wrong username and password.  I'm working with our technology department to get these issues fixed.  I'm trying to plan for how I'm going to take all of the projects I'm currently working on including the one above with my laptops.  It's going to be interesting getting this all set up.
 We went to our first Jr. High football on Thursday!  Ainsleigh had a great time and our little family looks great in kelly green and navy blue!

I have to give mad props to my husband this week!  He is training for his second marathon that he will run in November.  He got up 3 days this week before 5 AM to go run 4-7 miles each day!  I'm so proud of his hard work and dedication to his training.  He is such an inspiration!  I need to get my butt in gear!

What happened in your life this week? Don't forget to go check out the linky party and what everyone was up to this week!

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