Saturday, January 4, 2014

Math IS Real Life: Coupons

So I'm little on the late side for this monthly link up, but there have been so many other things to post about this week!

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I love this link up because it really showcases what I try to tell my parents all the time!  Math is all around us and if you want to help your student in math, then help them see math everywhere they go!

My mom was and still is a bargain hunter!  She never goes to the grocery store without her coupons in hand.  The hubby and I like a good deal, too, but we don't do nearly as well with our coupons, but we try!  On a recent trip to Target I had 2 coupons for Blistex.

I use chapstick regularly(even tho my hubby hates it!) and it disappears often into the hands of the little one!  I wanted to get the best deal using my coupon but I didn't need an abundance of chapstick. I decided to only use one of the coupons on this trip.  I could either buy one item and save $0.25 or buy two items and save $0.75.

Target didn't have a ton of selection in the Blistex department.  Ok so with my 2 coupon choices and my two Blistex package options, I had 4 different combinations of coupon/Blistex to choose from. I figured that buying the three pack was the better option as it cost less for one package of 3 verses two one tube packages, but I wanted to figure out exactly the cost of each tube in each of the four options.

So after doing the math the cheapest option was Choice #3!  $0.67 for a tube of chaptstick is a pretty awesome price!  Now I have a tube in every possible place I could need one and the Little one can even carry one around! 

I love using math in real life!


  1. I LOVE THIS! I am definitely sharing this with my students. I am constantly telling them that they will use math every day for the rest of their lives...that it is everywhere, like you said.
    I am going to have them solve the problem before revealing the answer. Thank you so much for sharing, Rissa!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Thanks so much for linking up with us! I always enjoy your posts :)

    Mathematically yours,
    Jamie aka MissMathDork


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